GO GREEN with Captor®

As part of FloChem’s GO GREEN initiative, Captor® is solving a number of traditional problems for water and wastewater treatment plant operators.

A relatively new product, this aqueous solution of calcium thiosulfate is now available for the potable water and wastewater treatment industries.

Captor is certified in accordance with ANSI NSF Standard 60 for drinking water applications. If spilled, it is not a reportable chemical.

It offers several advantages over the use of alternative chemicals:

  • A safe, non-hazardous solution
  • Non-toxic with a concentration of 30% (w/v) and a typical pH of 6.5-8.0.
  • A less corrosive material
  • No potential SO2 exposure
  • No off-gassing
  • Water-clear
  • Nearly odourless
  • Maintains a low freezing point
  • Harder to crystallize
  • Effectively reduces residual ozone, chlorine and peroxide
  • Tank and line heating generally not needed
  • More efficient, requiring lower dosing rates than other chemicals for ozone destruction
  • Applicator friendly
  • Carrier water not required
  • Sodium free
  • pH neutral
  • Not reportable if spilled

Why not decrease your business’s impact on the environment, reduce occupational health hazards and modernize your treatment process with water-clear Captor?

Ask us about Captor today.

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