FloChem’s product portfolio includes a range of chemicals designed to disinfect and dechlorinate potable and wastewater in order to meet municipal and regional drinking water standards. Our targeted range of water-treatment solutions offer an innovative approach to meeting water quality standards and hold National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) designation in accordance with requirements for drinking-water treatment chemicals.

Our exclusive dechlorinating product, Captor®, is an aqueous solution of calcium thiosulfate that is non-hazardous and non-toxic and used to reduce residual ozone, chlorine and peroxide in drinking water.

FloChem services a range of municipal water-purification processes. We offer the following products for disinfection, coagulation and pH adjustment:

  • Calcium Thiosulphate
  • Poly Aluminum Chloride
  • Sodium Bisulphite
  • Sodium Chlorite