2022 – A Year to Remember at FloChem


In 2022 our industry has faced numerous major challenges, including the lack of notice on chemical price increases, manufacturers invoking force majeure to absolve themselves of contractual obligations, and shortages of chemicals, packaged goods, and employees. COVID, of course, has been fundamental to many of the challenges. Despite the headwinds, in our 30th year in business, FloChem is having the best year we’ve ever had. In fact, we’ve never been stronger.  How have we done it?

Without question, our success is rooted in our employees, some of whom have been with us for a quarter century. FloChem has a remarkable team and an exemplary culture of dedication, resilience and entrepreneurialism that has helped us meet challenges head on.

When we started out 30 years ago, we basically supplied commodities to municipalities and industrial customers for wastewater treatment. Over time we shifted our focus to the pulp and paper industry, which was encountering bacteria problems. Today we’re focused on specialized products, allowing us to exercise more control over our destiny. Our customers operate hydro plants, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants and breweries—just about any kind of business that requires water and waste treatment.

Though the business landscape has changed, there have been a few constants. One is our adherence to the philosophy of never compromising on customer service. We know that if we give our customers what they want when they want it, our relationships will flourish, and we’ll have a solid, balanced foundation of customers to navigate through turbulent times. Other constants include our focus on safety and ongoing pursuit of ever-better ways of protecting the environment.

When we built our warehouse and office 8 years ago, we all thought that it was huge. Today we feel the opposite. We’ve expanded and diversified our business and are now meeting the needs of new customers in the agricultural sector—and of customers in the U.S. Our packaged goods business is going from strength to strength, and we could really use a bigger plant. For the younger members of our team, it will be their mission to meet this need—to help both FloChem and our customers be more profitable.

As we hire and train new employees, including some from Ukraine, FloChem is excited about prospects for the future. We’d like to express our gratitude to RDC for all their hard work in supporting its members, and to wish all our colleagues under the RDC umbrella success in 2023—which we’re confident will be less volatile than 2022.

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