Trialing & Product Development: EQuipCleen

A part of Responsible Distribution® Canada (RDC), FloChem Ltd. is committed to formulating new premium competitive products for several industries, including agriculture, that offer more environmentally friendly options and to increase manufacturing in Canada. EQuipCleen is a high-performance foaming truck, tractor, trailer, heavy equipment touchless wash.

Introducing a new product that is packed with advanced chemistry; including the introduction of a protective anti-corrosive finish additive. Extensive trialing was performed, primarily on local farms, to balance chemical properties; such as degreasing ability and foam quality. Our goal was to enhance results with minimal product consumption — EQuipCleen soft launched and became competitive on the market in the late Fall of 2019. In the Spring of 2020, we made an adjustment to our formula, to further enhance results with a new additive, which is our current formula today.

Mainly testing samples on John Deere green tractors, we found our soap to leave no film or residue. Application was quick and easy. We tested nearly fifty samples on different colored vehicles, like white and black pick-up trucks. We also sampled on CASE / CLAAS red tractors and yellow combines to ensure compatibility of different paint. EQuipCleen is tested and is completely clearcoat safe (it will not dull paint).

Some products on the market are known to be very aggressive on clearcoat; therefore, they work well for a limited amount of applications, until all the clearcoat has been stripped down to the pigmented paint (after multiple usages). Eventually, this can lead to paint damage, either completely dulling your tractor or even taking paint off. Take caution when selecting the full-coverage soap that is right for you and the material you are trying to remove.

If you are experienced in washing tractors and heavy equipment, you are probably aware that the true test of any soap, is to see how it looks once it has dried! Since EQuipCleen does not contain sodium, it rinses easily, even using hard water. EQuipCleen should sit for approximately 5-8 minutes. Like any soap, it should not be left on to dry, as this can make it more difficult to rinse. As there is no sodium, this also prevents white debris or film from forming once the surface has dries. Also, there is no salt to leech into fields or riverways. All you are left with is a clean tractor, truck, or vehicle!

Did I mention that EQuipCleen is fully Bio-degradable and won’t kill fish? EQuipCleen is also free of EDTA, a chemical additive used in many soaps to dissolve dirt and metals. Unfortunately, ETDA also has an impact on wildlife and can clog fish gills, which leads to suffocation. Therefore, please remember to avoid any waterways if you chose to use a soap that contains EDTA, which is short for Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. We are pleased to offer you an alternative product that is safer for the environment. Also good for cleaning boats!

If you have questions or would like to start foaming with EQuipCleen, contact us for more information or to find a local distributor.

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