Leadership Team


Terry Tucker

President and CEO

Terry Tucker began his working life at a foundry in the Ottawa valley in the 1960s. A self-made entrepreneur, he is the embodiment of a blue collar worker in a white shirt. Terry’s wide-ranging experience prepared him for entry into the chemical industry in 1977, where he spent 15 years working his way to the top of a privately owned chemical distribution company.

Terry’s background in installation and maintenance prepared him to launch FloChem in 1992, along with two partners. Over the next 12 years, the size of the company doubled. Terry assumed sole ownership in 2006.

Terry’s philosophy emphasizes the building of trust by giving the customer what they want when they want it, with safety at the forefront at all times. By operating with integrity, he has built FloChem from the bottom up and has formed many long-time business relationships.


Sandra Schuett

Office, Warehouse, & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Sandra Schuett directs warehouse operations, manages regulatory compliance and oversees the Responsible Distribution® initiative for FloChem. With a background in sales, marketing and journalism, she has been a valued resource to the company for over 20 years.

Sandra has built many of the core processes that ensure a superior customer experience when dealing with FloChem.


Trevor Wilkinson

Chief Financial Officer

Trevor Wilkinson is responsible for the planning, operating performance and leadership of Flochem’s financial, accounting, administration, legal, human resources and information technology functions.

He is in charge of leading the company on all strategic and tactical matters related to  relate to the company’s financial management systems and reporting requirements, budgeting and forecasting, system controls and standards, cash and foreign exchange management, costing analysis, banking and financing relationships, tax planning, ROI and IRR analysis.

Trevor holds a B.A. in Business & Economics, a Diploma in Management Studies and a CMA in Accounting & Finance.


Brad Devine

Operations Manager

Brad Devine began working in FloChem’s sales division in 2006. He then transitioned through various departments and eventually took on the role of operations manager.

Brad oversees dispatch, customer service, maintenance and installations, drivers and transloading (rail cars to trucks). He also accompanies FloChem’s sales representatives on all new accounts.

Having learned the business from the inside out, Brad has become a highly valued member of the FloChem team.