Hoof KAP

Hoof KAP Complete Foot Bath Solutions

Hoof KAP contains multiple active ingredients that adhere to animal hooves to improve hoof health for dairy cows, beef cattle, and horses.

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Benefits of Hoof KAP

  • Active ingredients can absorb deeper into the layers of the hoof
  • Using Hoof KAP in a foot bath can save time, labour, and water usage
  • Currently uses less Copper Sulphate then competitors
  • Currently does not contain any Formaldehyde

The Hoof KAP Solution

Available in:

Ready to USE formulation

  • Ready to pour in foot bath
  • Bi- Weekly application
  • Packaged in 1300 KG totes

Concentrate formulation

  • Easily disperses in water with agitation
  • Mix 3 pails with water to make 200 Litre solution or 50 US Gal solution and pour into foot bath and let thicken
  • Bi weekly application
  • Packaged in 27 KG or 6 US Gallon Pails

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