Based in Guelph, Ontario, FloChem is a leader in the chemical distribution business. Our unique history is built upon innovation, loyalty and integrity:

1992 Terry Tucker establishes FloChem in 1992, along with two partners. He identifies a very important need for oxidizers in the industrial market and secures two water-purification products, with the staple product being Sodium Hypochlorite Solution.

1996 FloChem establishes its own tractor-trailer fleet along with dedicated in-house trained drivers.

2004 The size of the company doubles.

2005 FloChem attains Responsible Distribution® certification.

2006 Terry Tucker becomes FloChem’s sole owner.

2015 A new 38,000 square-foot facility opens at 6986 Wellington County Road 124. This includes a rail siding for efficient accessibility of bulk chemicals and a warehouse with the capacity for custom packaging requirements and inventory storage.

2017  FloChem celebrates its 25th anniversary as one of Ontario’s leaders in quality chemical management.