Peracetic Acid

Peracetic Acid is an equilibrium solution of two active ingredients—PeroxyAcetic Acid (CH3COOOH) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). This product has been formulated for use in the circulation cleaning and sanitizing of equipment such as tanks, pipelines, evaporators, filers, pasteurizes and aseptic equipment in dairies, wineries, breweries and beverage plants.


  • Excellent, non-foaming action at low concentrations
  • Broad spectrum of sanitizing action
  • Effective at low temperatures
  • Non-corrosive to most food and beverage systems

PhysicaI Properties

Chemical Percentage by Weight Physical Characteristics
Peroxyacetic Acid 4.3% minimum Melting Point: -25.9 degrees Celsius
Hydrogen Peroxide 24.1% minimum Vapour Pressure: 22mm Hg
Inert Ingredients 70.9% Odour: strong, pungent
Active Oxygen Content 11.3% Appearance: Colourless, liquid

pH (1% solution): 2.5

Density (kg/’It): 1.10


Microbial Efficiency

The chart below indicates common organisms of concern in food processing that are effectively controlled by Sani-Cleen:

Test Bacteria Organism Effective Dilution for minimum 5 Loqs Reduction
Bacillus subtilis 1:650
Escherichia coli 1:400
Klebsiella aerogenes 1:1000
Mycobacterium fortuitum 1:400
Proteus vulgaris 1:20
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 1:20
Pseudomonas fluorescens 1:400
Salmonella choleraesuis 1:30
Salmonella typhi 1:100
Salmonella typhimurium 1:300
Salmonella enteriditis 1:400
Shigella flexneri 1:5250
Staphylococcus aureus* 1:500
Satpholococcus epidermidis 1:800
Streptococcus pyogenes 1:1600
Listeria monocytogenes 1:200
Campylobacter concisus 1:220
Campylobacter jejuni 1:400
Streptococcus equi 1:300
Rhodococcus equi 1:300
Bortadella bronchiseptica 1:300 

EPA protocols for Sani-Cleen tested at 1:220 dilution ratios

*Showed greater than 5 logs reduction after 30 seconds contact time

Note: The above data is available in the open trade and is quoted as such under the EPA “cite all” authority for PAA sanitizers containing a minimum of 5% PAA and 21.5% Fahrenheit hydrogen peroxide. Sani-Cleen is 5% PAA and 24.1% hydrogen peroxide.

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